Where can I get a Free Dog?

Free Dogs

After doing research, I found out many places advertise free dogs, free puppies, or adopt a dog for free online, but after contacting them, they told me their pets are NOT free.

Here is an example of what I found when I looked in google for "free puppies."


Yelp.com Free Puppies

What I learned is all pets require initial veterinary costs to prepare them for a new home, and that is the reason why there's always a fee of $100-$350 (depending on the shelter or rescue) and includes, vet wellness visit, spaying, and neutering of the pet.

If you still want to adopt a free dog and not pay anything for it, below is a list of places where you can get a pet for free. 

List of places where to find dogs, puppies, or a pet for free!

1- Craigslist.com

Use craigslist.com to find your next pet or dog for free.

Visit their pets section and use the keywords "free pet," "free dog," or "free puppy" to see what they have listed there. Make sure you use the "quotes" to find it free; else, you will get a lot of results with the word "pet," "dog," or "free" on it and not an actual free pet.

Craigslist.com Free Dog

"Always remember to ask the current owner for all paperwork, vaccines, spaying, and neutering, as well as have a brief background of the pet."



2- PETS FREE Facebook Group

Over 20,000 members this is a group for people looking for a FREE pet to adopt or looking to rehome a FREE pet.



Free Kittens is a relatively new open group with over 21,000 members. You can find mainly free kittens and cats.


4- Dog's & Puppy's Free To Good Home

A private group with over 22,000 members, you will have to subscribe to see all their posts. They have been around since 2015.



5- https://www.reddit.com/r/AdoptMe/

Founded in 2011, this is a private group that lists free pets in the USA.

Other sources where you can find a free dog or pet:

6- Adoption-Fee Free Events

Your local shelters offer adoption-fee free events once a month. 

A link below to find this type of events:



7- Ask friends, coworkers, and family

Do not forget to ask your friends, coworkers, and family to keep their ears to the ground for you. Someone's dog or cat is bound to have puppies and kittens eventually, and those newborns will need new homes.

I hope this article was an excellent reference to look for a free dog, and I wish you good luck in the quest of your new furry family member.


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